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Air Your Mind Counselling

What do my services as a counsellor can mean for you? Counselling is an accessible form of psycho-social assistance in several problematic situations, with stress-related symptoms and questions of life. The therapy consists of short-term consultations that aim to result in sustainable change. So that after a few consultations you can handle this awkward situation or that problem again. And more than that. One often also obtains the skills to deal with comparable situations in the future.

Don't neglect the symptoms, but "Air Your Mind".

Contact me for an informal talk.


You are in good hands. You can count on an interested and authentic approach without prejudice. After I graduated in Applied Psychology, I did a post-graduate degree in Mental Counselling. I am connected with a professional association caleed ABvC, which means I am a Registered Counsellor ABvC®. This will guarantee that my knowledge and skills will remain up to date.
With pleasure I offer the possibility to have an informal talk of maximum 30 minutes for free. Because I think it is important to start this kind of therapy in the spirit of good cooperation. This means that I will also make clear if I think I am not the right person to assist you (because of the kind or seriousness of the problems).
An intake will always take place, after which we both decide to cooperate or not.
The psycho-social assistance is in the form of consultations. This therapy is short-term, which means that in most cases not more than 6 to 10 consultations will be necessary. A consultation takes up to 60 minutes. Online videosessions in a protected environment are the main part of the therapy. Sometimes we agree to include exercises you can do at home.
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